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    Yanna Gifts…. Simply Natural. 

    A few years ago we wanted to buy a gift basket for a friend’s birthday. We searched and surfed but we couldn’t find the perfect gift with quality natural and organic products... and without the gaudy basket and plastic wrapping. So we decided to just create the gift ourselves.

    The next few years reads like the classic startup tale… constant gift basket requests, rave reviews, a garage workshop and the support of family and friends. Yanna Gifts was born!

    We have grown way beyond that garage but our core idea is still the same… Simply fabulous gifts with only natural and organic products. We offer a fresh take on traditional gift baskets by combining quality products and elegant plastic-free wrapping.

    Our boutique collections feature limited quantities of hand-assembled gifts. We are constantly designing new gifts and sourcing new products. So you won’t see the same gift you bought a few months ago.

    Our custom wrapping was born from our ardent efforts to live green and eco aware.... and we partner with suppliers that feel the same. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce. It's the only Earth we have!

    Fact is, we love what we do and every gift is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're happy when you're happy. It's that simple.

    It’s all about that feeling you get when you know you gave them a gift they actually want. No fake smiles....

    Happy Gifting,

    BrYAN & NAdine (YANNA)