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    It's not a fad. We are just trying to care more and waste less. Everyday.

    Big changes, small changes.... we know a little effort can have a big impact. Everyday we learn a little more about how to reduce, reuse and recycle and we're sharing our thoughts (and struggles) on our blog.

    So out with the plastic wrapping. We use recycled and recyclable packaging.... everything from the paper ribbons and mesh wrap to the shipping boxes. And we partner with suppliers that have the same eco-friendly mantra.

    And don't forget how easy it is to reuse the bamboo baskets, wooden boxes and burlap ribbon from your Yanna Gift. We even give you a few ideas in our blog to get those creative juices flowing. Remember that bamboo tray from the gift you sent Nana? Well, remind her that she can reuse it for hand towels in the guest bathroom or coasters and shot glasses on the patio bar. (You know which Nana you have.)

    Go on. Do it. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

    Out Latest Additions:
    • 40% recycled glass jars manufactured by Couronne Company Inc. used to package our bath salts.
    • 100% recycled paper shred filler made in the USA by Springfill-Industries Inc. used for shipping all our gifts.
    • 100% Recycled kraft gift boxes
    • 100% Natural leaf trays: Eco-friendly trays made from compressed, sterilized fallen leaves.
    • Clear compostable cello bags: Biodegradable cello bags made from clear, 100% compostable cellophane, a cellulose product derived from wood fiber.
    • Paper Wraphia ribbon: Degradable and recyclable, made from 100% natural fibers.