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    Yanna's Green Living Blog

    November 12, 2016: America Recycles Day is November 15

    Please find a way to participate! Here's some info from
    On November 15 each year, thousands of organizations hold events to educate people about recycling resources in their community. Through recycling collection drives, demonstrations, competitions, tours, displays and other special events, citizens encourage each other to increase their recycling at home, at school, in the office and in their communities at-large.
    As the national steward of America Recycles Day, Keep America Beautiful provides this vast network of volunteer organizers in every state with resources and promotional materials to support their local America Recycles Day events.
    Event organizers register on the national website at to access materials and receive program updates.

    November 7, 2016: Go Glass!

    I have to admit one of the biggest challenge to my green efforts is plastic food storage containers! They are just so convenient... and cheap... and disposable. Funny how the advantages are also the disadvantages! Today I used a different tactic to convince myself. Fear.

    If you have ever left spaghetti in a plastic container, you know that after a couple of hours the plastic is tinged red where the sauce has leached into the plastic. Well, guess what? The reverse happens as well. When you store food in plastic, especially if it's heated, this plastic will leach into your food. So bring on the glass and stainless steel. Recyclable and no contamination. Win, win.

    Give. Love. Go green.

    November 1, 2016: Superheroes Among Us

    So while I was giving out candy to all the mini superheroes yesterday, I had a fleeting thought about all the real-life superheroes among us who work so hard everyday to rescue this earth from our bad habits. I tell myself that all my small efforts to waste less will make a difference, but I also know that I'm relying on someone else to make changes on a larger scale. We are all relying on those among us who research and re-invent... and organize communities... and influence large corporations... and motivate governments... 
    So thank you to the person who invented biodegradable disposable plates. Thank you to the recycling plants. Thank you to the people writing letters and organizing petitions to change regulations. Thank you to the grocery stores who no longer use plastic bags. Thank you to the workplaces that replaced all the styrofoam cups with real mugs.
    Thank you to all the superheroes among us!
    Give. Love. Go green.


    October 26, 2016: Today's Small Victory...

    ….I remembered to take our reusable canvas bags to the grocery store! Yes!
    A couple times in the past few weeks I got to the store and realized I left the bags at home by the front door. The surprising thing is that I sat in the parking lot and considered going back home. Then I decided to just get a few items on our list and just use one plastic bag. Just one.
    Few years ago, I would have laughed at someone telling me this story. (I say laugh but I actually mean mock.) It’s amazing how these small efforts to reduce and reuse have become a part of everything I do. It’s a whole new mindset and every day I become more aware of how much we waste. I cringe when I think of how many plastic bags I used to bring from every trip to the grocery store. Where does all that trash go? is there endless space for all that waste?
    We all know the answer to those questions but it's so much easier to pretend it's someone else's problem to resolve. It's not. Let's make a few small changes and celebrate the small victories. Take a mug to work and stop using several disposable cups throughout the day. Keep that reusable grocery bag in your car. Opt for paperless bills.
    Go on. Try it. Go green.


    October 23, 2016: Is a Gift Card Just an Easy Way to Give?

    I've heard so many people say that giving someone a gift card shows that you didn't put much thought into the gift. Others say a gift card is better because the recipient can go shop for themselves and get exactly what they want. Well, I think there are pros and cons for giving a gift card, but the more important factor is the type of gift card you buy.


    First of all, you can't go wrong giving them a gift card for their favorite store. It shows you thought about it and remembered what they like. You don't have to rack your brain to figure out what to buy and they get to go on a prepaid shopping spree. Win, win. So what if you don’t know their favorite places to shop? This is often the case when you are getting a gift for a co-worker or even your in-laws. I suggest a gift card from a department store or website with a wide variety of collections.


    Another approach to choosing a gift card is to think of something that the person wants or needs and use the gift card to usher them in that direction. For example, your friend just came home from the hospital and you want to send a gift, but you know she already received tons of gifts baskets and flowers. She has a husband and three young kids. Why not send a gift card for a nearby restaurant (dine-in or take-out) or for the indoor play zone down the street. Same idea for your stressed out sister. Buy a her a gift card for a massage at a nearby spa.


    Lastly, sometimes a gift card is just a better-looking substitute for cash. So a gas station gift card or a prepaid credit card is perfect for your niece in college or your babysitter’s Christmas gift.


    Either way, I still believe it’s the thought that counts!


    Give. Love. Go green.



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