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    Yanna's Green Living Blog

    January 8, 2017: Is Green Living Just a Sales Tactic? (Part 1)

    The answer is no. BUT... just like many other lifestyle and environmental initiatives, there will always be those who have ulterior motives for promoting change. Then we as consumers have to wade through the misinformation and marketing ploys that follow.
    So let's go back to basics. Living green means embracing a lifestyle that works with Nature and not against it. It's about preserving Earth's natural resources and minimizing negative impacts to the environment. So it's a good practice to recycle, but living green is more focused on eliminating the unnecessary and wasteful practices that have increased the volume of recyclable trash.
    For example, paper towel made of recycled material is often promoted as a green living product. Fact is, no matter what they are made of, using paper towel is often wasteful and unnecessary. It ends up in a landfill somewhere and could have easily been avoided by using a dishcloth to clean up that water you spilled on the counter.
    More on this tomorrow....



    December 9, 2016: Christmas Time!

    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Yes. I am one of those who absolutely loves this time of year! I love the carols. I love the decorations. I love our three year old getting excited about Santa. Most of all I love the fact that that we are celebrating Jesus's birth... even those people who don't realize it. We can shop all we want and call it the "Holidays" but the reason for the season is right there in the name. Christmas. Love it, love it, love it!

    Give. Love. Go green.

    December 1, 2016: Thanksgiving Recovery

    We're back!

    Well, we definitely enjoyed some downtime after Thanksgiving. Just a break from the blog... but Yanna Gifts was in full swing for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Thank you all for your patronage and support. We know we're not Amazon... but we like to think we're just as Prime! Ha!

    Like most of us this time of year, there are so many events and activities pulling us in different directions. So much to do it seems and not enough time! It will be a fun and busy few weeks ahead for us. Christmas is our favorite time of year as you can imagine. A season of giving.... A time to celebrate. Love it, love it, love it!  

    Glad you have a few moments to spend with us.

    Give. Love. Go green.

    November 19, 2016: My Daily Zero Waste Debate

    Well, the debate is with my neighbor... and we both know we are really not debating this issue. It's more like complaining and lamenting. Everyday she points out a couple reasons why a zero waste home is not possible. Everyday I try to explain that the real triumph of a zero waste mindset is not achieving that ultimate goal; but all the changes we make with that goal in mind.
    The funny thing is, I started making these changes years ago and pulled her along, but she's doing a better job at it than I am! I'm still struggling with buying in bulk and taking my own reusable containers. She's the one who brings her egg cartons back to the farmer's market! She's the one who started composting!
    Anyway, back to the debate. It's easy to find all the reasons why a zero waste home is impossible. It's not a debate. We all agree this is the one planet we got.
    Give. Love. Go green.