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    Yanna's Green Living Blog

    February 6, 2017: You Don't Need to Buy a Gift for Valentine's Day!

    It’s that time of year when we like to remind you that you don’t always need to buy a gift for the loves in your life on Valentine’s day. Yes… gifts are what we do, but there are so many other ways to show some love and appreciation!
    So you already know a nice dinner out is a wonderful Valentine’s Day plan… BUT if you know he/she prefers to stay home, plan ahead and prepare a special dinner instead. You know their favorites. If you really can’t cook, get take-out but set the table, change the decor and create whatever ambiance you know they like. Don’t forget dessert!
    Husbands and fathers… how about giving that lovely lady a few hours to herself! Pick up the kids; make dinner and get them to bed. You got this. Just tell mommy she can go get a massage and pedicure… or simply disappear in the master bedroom and lock the door.
    We’ll continue this tomorrow!

    January 20, 2017: Reusing your Yanna Gifts Wrapping

    We forgot to post our idea for reusing the shredded paper fill from your Yanna Gift!
    Look at how we reuse the chocolate-colored filler in a glass bowl with ceramic balls to create an accent piece for your dining or entryway table.


    January 11, 2017: Is Green Living Just a Sales Tactic (Cont'd)

    We're back and still talking about green living as one of the latest marketing ploys. Truth be told, we recently had to change some wording on our website because we didn't fully comprehend the lifestyle changes we need to make if we are serious about reducing negative impacts to the environment.
    For example, we touted our wrapping as eco-friendly since we use all recycled and recyclable products. Well, the fact is our wrapping isn't really eco-friendly because it just adds to the volume of trash that needs to be recycled. Plus, some people may deem some of our wrapping as unnecessary and therefore wasteful. So we took a step back and reconsidered our packaging. For now, we can honestly say our packaging is waste conscious and we consistenty remind our gift recipients to reuse and recycle.
    Our wrapping and products are a step in the right direction, but we have lots more work to do. We will find a way to wrap and ship our fabulous gifts with less and less packaging. IT. WILL. BE. EPIC. 
    - YG